In-Home Consultations

During in home consultations we discuss:

  • assessing a breastfeed - this is totally non-judgemental. There is no one best way to breastfeed and it is a two way relationship with your baby. It will also change over time.

  • milk supply education - how it all works

  • ways to boost or manage your supply

  • oral motor and anatomical functional assessment of baby

  • position and latch

  • hormones and let downs

  • medications and what to avoid

  • food and nutritional requirements

  • baby care tips

  • sleep and settling

  • optimising baby's development

  • baby's communication and reading their cues

  • answering your questions

  • establishing, planning and meeting your goals

Partners and support people are encouraged to attend.


I don't notice how clean or 'lived in' your house is! I want to see you comfortable in your own space, in your own precious baby bubble!


Because I understand baby brain, I don't expect you to remember everything we discuss in person. I will then email you a plan, fact sheets and web links relevant to your specific situation. 


I call/email/message to follow up. This can be via phone or Skype if you prefer.


I meet regularly with a team of local practitioners to discuss the best strategies to help you and your baby to develop and thrive in all aspects. I work closely with paediatricians, GPs, manual therapists (bodyworkers, chiropractors, osteopaths), midwives and am happy to liaise with any other practitioners you may have on your team to get the best outcomes for your family's wellness.

Antenatal Sessions

  • preparing to breastfeed

  • optimising your hormones to work with you not against you

  • plan for the labour and delivery you want

  • avoiding mastitis and engorgement

  • dispelling myths

  • how it all works

  • goals and fears

  • birth plans for caesarean deliveries

  • drugs in labour

Troubleshooting Sessions

Mix and match what matters most to you 


  • recovering from the birth

  • returning to work

  • lip and tongue tie assessment

  • surgical procedures

  • top ups or formula feeding

  • expressing, pumping and storing

  • choosing or hiring a pump

  • fitting pump parts correctly

  • illness and syndromes

  • mastitis and thrush

  • medications

  • low supply

  • over supply

  • hypo/hyperthyroid, polycystic ovaries

  • breast reduction/enlargement

  • feeding in public

  • sleeping challenges and tips

and much more...

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There is so much science behind parenting but it also an art. I teach both